Will Smith Puts His Heart & Soul Into Singing La Bamba

The Fresh Prince gets DOWN to the song La Bamba and IT'S AMAZING!!!

February 13, 2018

What did we do on Instagram before Will Smith joined in December?

It's hard to believe that the new King of Instagram has only been posting for a couple of months now because the Fresh Prince is becoming everyone's new favorite follow. His latest Instagram adventure is all about the hit song, La Bamba, and clapping back at his haters. 

The video that started this all features Will on vacation in the Cayman Islands, where he is playing alongside a steelpan ensemble as they perform Richie Valens' late 50's classic "La Bamba." The main issue that arose is that Will Smith is taking too much attention away from the more qualified musicians. Secondly, it appears he doesn't know a damn word in the song beyond the chorus. (which if we are behine honest, is the case for most of us)

With his followers having a field day attacking his "poor" performance, he decided to do a follow-up video showcasing himself NAILING La Bamba with almost perfect executuion.

Don't believe me? Watch this!